Josh Liebster Database and Web Project Experience:
  • Multimedia Whiteboard: Utilized FileMaker Pro to track image editing requests. FileMaker Pro Web Companion allowed for entire company to submit requests and view project status.
  • Asset Inventory: Utilized FileMaker Pro to track hardware asset info and tracking numbers. MIS used the web interface to easily submit data from any workstation.
  • Software Serials: Utilized FileMaker Pro to track legal copies of software and each title's usage. Utilized workaround to allow for many-to-many relationships.



Independent Work:
  • Red Herring Events Calendar: Utilized FileMaker Pro to track Red Herring and competing events/conferences, both in detail and month view. Used FileMaker Pro Web Companion to dynamically publish content for all Herring employees worldwide.
  • Lot21 Closed Loop Media System: : Created FileMaker Pro database solution to track online advertising purchasing for clients and vendors. Currently working on web interface for easy vendor entry.
  • Digital Savings Book: Created and currently maintain a web page dedicated to tracking "digital media" values on the internet (ie, coupons for major sites that sell CDs, DVDs and/or software). Site is tracked through FileMaker Pro, which is then used to publish static HTML pages 4 - 5 times per week, as needed.
  • Unity 99 Cyber Cafe: Created Hotmail-like system for use by 6800 conference attendees. Using FileMaker Pro, created database of e-mail accounts and passwords. This "Address Book" was then served up by Lasso. For e-mail retreival, used WebSTAR Server Suite and RemoteMail plug-in as web interface into their local e-mail accounts. Modified design elements created by client to create a consistent look-and-feel to the site.
  • Bay Area Theatresports: Created database for static output of HTML, done monthly. Output pages were for Improv class and performance schedules. Also maintained site pages. Local output can be seen at



Red Herring Communications:
  • Tech Support Request Database: Took existing web form for Tech Support Requests and linked the submitted e-mails into new FileMaker Pro database via AppleScript. Within the database, FileMaker Pro parsed out relevant info into corresponding fields. The database allowed tracking of priority, aging and results, among others. From the database, AppleScript was used for e-mail replies as well as a link to calendaring program for computer laptop reservations. Click here for screenshots.
  • Tech Support Request Database, Mark II: Created new FileMaker Pro Tech Support Request database for direct web form submission and tracking utilizing Web Companion. Used JavaScript to cover for some of FileMaker Pro's HTML shortcomings. Once again used AppleScript for integration into e-mail client.
  • E-Mail Address Book Converter: Solution for IT department used FileMaker Pro to take tab-delimited files, "massage" the data, and output to one of many e-mail address book formats, including Netscape Messenger and Eudora Pro.
  • Venture 99 Message Board: Also using FileMaker Pro Web Companion, created a web e-mail program to allow attendees of a Red Herring Event to e-mail other attendees.
  • General FileMaker Support: Modified existing FileMaker Pro databases for better usability for 640x480 screens. Helped create more accurate reports by optimizing the use of FileMaker Pro 3 & 4.0's scripts, fields and relational capabilities.



Mann Consulting:
  • One of the primary FileMaker Pro consultants for the Mac consulting firm. Created and modified databases for a myriad of clients, from large advertising agencies down to small law offices.
  • Shotbase Pro: Database used in "Kull the Conqueror" for tracking all of the visual and special effects elements in a film, including the storyboard illustrations. Used AppleScript and PhotoFlash for scanned photo manipulation. This solution was showcased at both Claris' FileMaker Pro 3.0 rollout and at the first Claris Solutions Alliance conference.