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My Resume:

The hoity-toity call it a C.V. I call it my "Stuff I Done Did Page." See it here.

My Projects:

A short list of some of my database and web projects. Craftily hidden right here.

My Writing:

Samples of writing I have done for publications and others. Read away.

The Coffee Achiever Blog:

Oh yeah, like you need to read another one of these. Go here to read up on all the tech upgrades I've done. You may laugh a little, you may learn a little, or you may be able to help me figure out how to push one button on my remote to set my TV to 16:9 widescreen mode!


The Quote Whore Website:

Ever heard the name Paul Wunder, Susan Granger or Jeanne Wolf? The big studios have. Soon this site will have more on the movie industry's dirty little secret - the quote whore.

The askJosh Search Engine:

Plumb the depths of Josh's "knowledge" in this cutting-edge search engine! "Josh, where can I get a good deal on illicit materials on the web?" "Josh, where did I put my keys?" "Josh, why did I wake up naked on someone else's front lawn?"

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